Success Stories

Galicia is home to a series of major business success stories, in which innovation, international expansion and productivity all play a decisive role in competing in the new global economy.

From Galicia for the World

Some of the Galician multinational companies who have become leading references in their respective sectors at international level are shown below:

 Galician Multinationals
Inditex Textiles / Clothing
Rodman Polyships Construction of recreational vessels
Calvo Foodstuffs / Preserves
Grupo San José Construction
Adolfo Domínguez Textiles / Clothing
Jealsa Foodstuffs / Preserves
Coren Foodstuffs
Viza Motor vehicles
Urovesa Motor vehicles
Finsa Wood / Furniture
Cupa Group Construction materials

Trusting in Galicia

Some of the more than 200 foreign companies, leaders in their respective sectors, who have chosen Galicia as the location for their investments include:

Foreign  Companies
PSA-Citröen – France Motor vehicles
Alcoa Inespal – USA Metallurgy / Steel industry
Denso – Japan Motor vehicles
Snop Estampación - France Motor vehicles
Bosch – Germany Call Centre
Stolt Sea Farm - Norway Aquaculture
Lonza Group - Switzerland Biotechnology / Chemicals