As a new “More Developed Region,” Galicia is able to provide one of the best offers in the EU for financial support for investment. The funding managed by the IGAPE is channelled through different programmes under the auspices of the Spanish Ministry of the Economy and the Autonomous Region of Galicia.

Investment Support Programmes

As a former Convergence Region and new “More Developed Region” within the 2014-2020 framework, Galicia offers one of the best opportunities for financial support in the European Union.

As the Regional Development Agency for Galicia, the IGAPE is the institution responsible for channelling the majority of investment support funding in our region, alongside other types of support for different sectors. 

Companies that are already operating in the areas can access significant funding for their research or innovation plans, together with support and services for their international expansion projects.

Public Risk Capital Programmes

Xesgalicia is a Venture Capital Management Firm with two shareholders: IGAPE (70%) and Ahorro Corporación (30%). Its main objective is the administration and management of Venture Capital Funds. It finances company development through the temporary acquisition of minority shares of unquoted companies. In addition, it may provide ordinary or mezzanine loans to the companies in which it invests.

Training Support Programmes

Tailor-made training: as a part of the FIP Plan, companies or groups of companies can present specific training courses with the aim of obtaining subsidies, on the condition that they agree to provide jobs to 60% of the students who start the course. These courses must be defined by the company according to the specific requirements in each case, must comply with the requirements of the FIP Plan, and cover the full cost of the course. They can also include the possibility of sending workers to parent companies in order to complete their training.


Training plans for existing employees: these are subsidies for training courses for existing employees in companies, with the amount of the subsidy varying according to the type of company.


Support programmes for hiring personnel

A variety of subsidies are available for businesses to help hire new personnel, and also for converting fixed-term contracts into indefinite, depending on the number of contracts included in the collective agreement that applies to the worker and the type of contract.