Living in Galicia

According to the Financial Times, Spain is at the top of the destination list for EU migrants.

19/02/07 - Financial Times

"Spain is the leading destination chosen by Europeans if they had to work in another country. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the questionnaire by Financial Times/Harris about attitudes on migration, published by the British newspaper and which has portrayed Spain as an optimistic country, with an economy that is “one of the most vibrant in Europe"."

Quality of Life

Galicia benefits from an excellent social environment. The Autonomous Community of Galicia has a series of attractive features, unique in Spain, which make it a privileged location to combine work with a magnificent quality of life, thanks to its modern network of services and extensive offer of free-time activities for all tastes.

A complete agenda of social and cultural activities may be enjoyed throughout the year. The Community has two orchestras of recognised international prestige, offering a full programme of operas and concerts. Exhibitions and artistic events from leading national and international creators may be enjoyed in the region’s extensive network of museums and foundations.

A wide range of sports may be enjoyed at numerous public and private installations. The region’s excellent communications network means it is possible to reach 19 golf courses within a one-hour radius, or 51 nautical installations along the Community’s 1,500 kilometres of coastline. The cities of A Coruña and Vigo each have football teams in what is considered the world's most exciting league.

Galicia has a well-deserved reputation as a tourist destination, and is recognised for its excellent wines and gastronomy as well as its modern network of spas and hotels, all of which serve to demonstrate the warm, welcoming nature of its people.

Healthcare System

The Spanish health system is considered as one of the most highly qualified within the European Union. There is also a wide range of private healthcare systems operated by companies of recognised prestige.

Educational System

The region has an extensive educational network comprising public, grant-funded and private schools offering a standard of teaching that complies with the most demanding standards. A number of these centres are certified as International American Schools, while others offer the International Baccalaureate and bilingual teaching.

The region has three universities, Santiago, A Coruña and Vigo, together with their campuses in Lugo, Ferrol, Ourense and Pontevedra offering a wide range of degrees and diplomas in diverse technical fields and the humanities.